Numerology: Does Name Correction Really Work?

Mahaveer Sanglikar

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Numerology is all about the numbers that you have. These numbers are derived from your date of birth and your name.

Name numerology is a major part of numerology. It has its own importance.

Like your date of birth, your name also plays a specific role in your life. Your name also has a specific numerical value. This value is calculated from the numerical values of the letters in your name.

In the 5 core numbers, which are the most important numbers in everybody’s numerology chart, 2 are derived from the person’s date of birth, while 3 are derived from the full name of the person. These three numbers are:
* Expression Number (Also known as Destiny Number)
* Soul Urge Number (Also known as Heart’s Desire Number)
* Personality Number

According to the numerology, if your life path number and/or birth number and your expression number are well compatible or harmonious with each others, it is a very beneficial situation for you. But if your life path and/or birth number and expression number are incompatible, you may face problems in your life.

If a person is facing severe problems in his/her life, and the person’s life path and/or birth number and expression number are incompatible, many numerologists suggest to change the spelling of the name to make the expression number compatible or harmonious with the life path and/or birth number. Generally they suggest to add a letter in the spelling to change the name value.

New compatible or expression number may eliminate the problems the person is facing, according to the numerologists.

Does Changing the Expression Number Really Work?

Now the question is: Does changing the Expression Number really work?
Well, changing your Expression Number will change many things in your numerology chart. Changes in the spelling of your name not only change your expression number, but it will change also your Soul Urge Number and Personality Number. Thus these three core numbers will be changed. As core numbers are the most important numbers in a person’s numerology chart and so in his/her life, these changes will change the person’s traits, attitude, behavior, potentials, ambitions etc.

Theoretically it sounds very logical and good, but there are many issues with such changes. Let us discuss about them.

Name Correction is Not a Practical Thing

First of all, Changing Name or its spelling is not a practical thing
Legally, changing the spelling your name is not so easy and not practical in these days. There is a legal process for name change and it needs an affidavit, declaration in Government Gazetteer and announcing it through Newspaper advertisement. Only after completing these things, your new name will be accepted at many places, but you cannot change your name everywhere.

Your legally changed name will be accepted for Bank Account, Passport, Driving License, Income Tax Returns, Property related documents, Aadhar Card, Pan Card etc., But you cannot change your name on your birth certificate, educational documents etc.

If you do not change your name spelling legally and at all the possible places, and just write your new spelling name in your notebook, that is of no use.

Your Original Name Vibrations Are Forever !

Even if you change the spelling of your name, or even if you change your entire name, you should always remember that the name recorded at your birth or childhood puts its impact forever. You can not eliminate the vibrations of the original name; they will work along with the vibrations and energy of the new name. In other words, new name vibrations are additional vibrations. Moreover, it will take much time to get the full benefits of new name vibrations.

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Just Correcting Your Name Does Not Work

Always remember that just changing the spelling of your name will not work, unless you enhance the traits of the new name number.

Beware of Corrupting Your Name in the Name of So Called Name Correction

Generally, the ‘name correction numerologists’ suggest you to add a letter to your first name. Although this changes your name number, it also changes the pronunciation of your name. It is a dangerous thing a fact as the wrong pronunciation of your name will surely worsen the problems you are facing. The spelling change leading to wrong pronunciation of your name is just like making fun of your name. In fact, it is not a name correction, but name corruption!

Name Correction or Name Corruption?

Ask These Questions to Yourself Before Changing Your Name:

So if a numerologist has suggested you to add a letter to your name to change your expression number, ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Is the change a Must Thing? Are you ready to complete all the legal processes?
  2. Is the new name spelling is making leading to wrong pronunciation of your name?
  3. Do the numerologist who is suggesting name change is an experienced one, and does he know the latest research in this field?

Better thing is that instead of changing your name spelling, you should make other changes within you. You should use your potentials given by your core numbers at your best.

Name Correction Does Not Work For All

Changing a name or the spelling does not work for everybody. The reason is that wrong methods used for the change, and wrong expectations behind the change. There are many celebrities who changed their name spellings and they are nowhere now.

There are Many Other Remedies to Eliminate Your Problems

Numerology and related occult sciences have many other remedies which can eliminate the problems you are facing. These remedies are very practical, easy and you do not have to spend money for them. These remedies include: Using your lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colors; using your potentials that your numbers have given to you, changing your signature according to graphology, etc.

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When Name Change is a Must Thing?

However, in some situations one should think about changing the spelling of the name, or even the name.

* If your name is not spelled correctly while recording it on your birth certificate, or in school record, you should change the spelling to right one.

My first name spelling in school record is Mahavir (name value 36/9), which was wrongly spelled. The Correct spelling of this name is Mahaveer (name value 37/10/1). So I changed spelling of my first name from Mahavir to Mahaveer.

* If you do not like your name, you must change it, using numerology.

* If you do not like your surname, you must change it, using numerology.

* Moreover, if you are an author or blogger and you want a pen name, you should think about a new name which is compatible or harmonious with your life path and/or birth number.

* In many cultures, newly the girls name is changed after her marriage. However, this tradition is slowly decreasing. I do not suggest to change the girl’s name after marriage. But if she wants to change her name to follow the tradition, the new name should be changed according to numerology.

* If you want a fake name for some secret activities, (for example if you are a spy or detective) you should have a name which is numerologically harmonious with your life path number and/or birth number.

* If you want to call your spouse/boy friend/girlfriend with a new pet name or nick name, this name should be according to numerology.

Video: Beware of Correcting Your Name!

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Author: Mahaveer Sanglikar

I am a Senior Numerologist, Graphologist, Face Reader and Motivator from Pune, India.

9 thoughts on “Numerology: Does Name Correction Really Work?”

  1. My name is a
    Rajesh Biharilal Hinduja..
    My date of birth is 6 nov 1969..
    My name to changed to Rrajesh Hinduja by a famous numerologist Sanjay Jumani..but i didnt change it in my gazzatee and legal docs..only my visiting correspondence has the changed name..i am not doing well financially..can you help me by suggesting something


    1. You have committed a big mistake by corrupting your name. The very first step you have to take is STOP corrupting your name. Read this article very carefully and think logically. Further solutions will be given by phone call. You may call me on 8149703595 anytime between 11AM to 7PM.


  2. Hai sir my full name is Yogeswary
    My date of birth is 16/09/1980
    According to my numerologist he has just select the 5 words as Yoges
    And I have to writing the name for 37 time every morning till forever, is it really works in this way?
    Please advise me


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